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Jacqueline and Nicholas

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Our Story

Our relationship was 7 years in the making, beginning in 2015 as classmates in our Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of North Florida. From the day we met on the beach we caught each other’s eyes and quickly formed a strong friendship that has carried on since. We spent countless hours studying, exercising, laughing, and hanging out together. Throughout a growing friendship, we privately wished for more, but for various reasons held back sharing how we really felt.

Jacqueline: “From the minute we were given the Facebook page for our UNF DPT Class of 2018, I was immediately eyeing the very handsome and fit guy with the black hair, and couldn’t wait to meet him at the ‘meet and greet beach day’ later that week. We met, and right away I was smitten by his hilarious sense of humor, obvious good looks, and genuine kind-hearted nature. As someone who almost always goes for what she wants and shares how she feels, this was the first time I ever felt nervous to really pursue a relationship! The more I got to know Nicholas, my respect and admiration for him grew. I became so proud of how he became our class president, and how we handled and overcame each challenge PT school threw our way. It made it that much harder to be vulnerable about how I felt, and how I would be so thrilled to call him mine and be more than friends. I never told anyone, and none of our friends even knew!”

Nicholas: ”I also noticed Jacqueline’s Facebook picture in our prospective classmate group and was very excited to meet her. When we met I realized she was better than I imagined and was immediately drawn to her. She was, and is, notably kind, warm and so full of life that you could spend hours with her and feel like it was never enough. I always felt like I wanted more, to pursue a deep and meaningful relationship with her but life circumstances and various reasons kept me from expressing how I truly felt. It wasn’t until years later that the timing was finally right to let her know how I really saw her.”

Thanks to modern social media, Nicholas reached out one day in 2022, 4 years after we had graduated. We struck up conversation, and it was like no time had passed. Picking up right where we left off, this time; older, wiser, with no reason to hold back, we both shared our true feelings. We shared in our regret for not saying how we felt sooner, but truly believe that everything happens for a reason and our timing was finally perfect.

We began eagerly driving back and forth every weekend between Tampa and Jacksonville to spend time with one another, until Nicholas applied for and landed a job at Tampa General Hospital, moved in, and we dated for 7 months before Nicholas asked me to marry him on December 10, 2022. Our story goes to show that when you know, you know; but for some, it might just take a little growing up (apparently 7 years’ worth) to finally be ready to welcome the love of your life.